State to Spend $58M on Roads in Hudson Valley

Includes $15M in Dutchess and Putnam

New York State on Oct. 23 said it would spend $58 million to renew 167 lane miles in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

In Dutchess, the spending includes $6.8 million to resurface Route 52 in Fishkill and East Fishkill from Merritt Boulevard to Fishkill Hook Road and Old State Road to the Putnam County line.

In Putnam, it includes $6.9 million to resurface the Taconic State Parkway from Pudding Street to Hortontown Hill Road in Putnam Valley and Kent.

The spending is part of $357 million in funding to renewal roadways across the state with “environmentally conscious construction techniques” such as warm-mix asphalt and cold in place asphalt recycling that can be applied at significantly lower temperatures to reduce fuel consumption and decrease the production of associated greenhouse gas emission during construction.

These techniques also allow existing materials to be reused and can reduce the amount of materials that would otherwise be trucked to landfills, the state said in a statement.

The projects are being designed and construction will begin in the spring, it said.

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