Election Night Results (Putnam)

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Tallies do not include absentee ballots

Voters had their say on Tuesday (Nov. 3) in an election, although thousands of absentee ballots that will be counted next week could tip a few close races.

As of 7 p.m. on Nov. 3, there had been 10,156 absentee ballots returned of 13,349 distributed, but ballots can arrive at the Board of Elections through Nov. 10. More than 10,000 early votes were cast at the Board of Elections in Carmel and are included in the totals below. The total vote topped 53,000, or about 4,500 more votes than were cast in the 2016 presidential election (48,563).

There are 69,409 registered voters in Putnam County and 7,573 in Philipstown.

In Cold Spring, Heidi Bender and Kathleen Foley were elected to the Village Board. Each ran unopposed for two open seats being vacated by Lynn Miller and Steve Voloto. They will be sworn in on Jan. 1.

In other unopposed races, Anthony Mole was elected as one of the two Putnam County Court judges; Wendy Erickson as one of the three county coroners; and Camille Linson as Philipstown Town Justice.

The results below are with 172 of 172 election districts reporting their early and Election Day tallies but do not include the 10,000+ absentee ballots.


President / Vice President
69,409 registered voters
43,805 early and Election Day ballots (excludes absentees)

Joseph Biden/Kamala Harris (DEM/WF)
17,106 (39%)
Donald Trump/Michael Pence (REP/CON)
25,899 (59%)
Howie Hawkins /Angela Walker (GRE)
112 (0.26%)
Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen (LIB)
316 (0.72%)
Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard (IND)
119 (0.27%)
Write-in votes
109 (0.25%)

U.S. House (District 18)
475,116 registered voters in district
590 of 618 districts reporting

Chele Farley (REP/CON)
Putnam: 23,406 (57%)
District: 126,856 (45%)
Sean Patrick Maloney (DEM/WF/IND)
Putnam: 17,556 (43%)
District: 132,677 (47%)
Scott Smith (LIB/SAM)
Putnam: 323 (0.78%)
District: 2,420 (0.86%)

In a statement issued at 1:45 a.m., Maloney said: “The Hudson Valley has once again spoken: We have won this race and been granted the opportunity to keep serving New York for the next two years. I thank the people of New York’s 18th Congressional District for their continued trust. It is the honor of my life to represent Hudson Valley families in Congress. While it will take time to count the absentee ballots, it is clear that once they are counted our margin of victory will only increase. I also thank my opponents, Chele Farley and Scott Smith. It takes courage and commitment to run for a congressional seat, especially in these unprecedented times.”


Senate District 41
475,116 registered voters
236 of 238 districts reporting

Sue Serino (REP/CON/IND/ROS)
Putnam: 8,923 (58%)
District: 68,907 (56%)
Karen Smythe (DEM/WF/SAM)
Putnam: 6,549 (42%)
District: 49,477 (41%)

State Supreme Court, 9th District (Vote for 4)
1,334,836 registered voters
1,702 of 1,858 districts reporting

The 9th District (of 13) covers Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties. Judges serve a 14-year term.

Richard Guertin (REP/CON) — Middletown judge
Putnam: 24,006 (16%)
District: 313,007 (10%)
David Hasin (REP) – Woodbury town justice
Putnam: 20,307 (13%)
District: 265,099 (8.7%)
Alexandra Murphy (DEM/CON) — former assistant Manhattan D.A.
Putnam: 18,647 (12%)
District: 398,812 (13%)
Robert Ondrovic (DEM/CON) — trial attorney, White Plains
Putnam: 16,845 (11%)
District: 352,605 (12%)
Mark Starkman (REP) – private practice, New Windsor
Putnam: 20,070 (13%)
District: 260,283 (8.5%)
Sam Walker (DEM/REP/CON) — Mount Vernon judge
Putnam: 36,895 (24%)
District: 617,903 (20%)
E. Loren Williams (DEM) — Newburgh judge
Putnam: 14,618 (9.7%)
District: 340,269 (11%)

State Assembly (District 95)
72,454 registered voters
109 of 112 districts reporting

Lawrence Chiulli (REP/CON)
Putnam: 5,019 (49%)
District: 14,956 (37%)
Sandy Galef (DEM)
Putnam: 5,175 (51%)
District: 22,079 (55%)

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