State Provides Grants for Dam Work

The river herring

The river herring

Hopes to restore habitat for eel, herring

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has distributed $855,000 in grants to remove dams and mitigate culverts in the Hudson Valley to benefit the American eel and river herring as well as address the impact of local flooding.

In Putnam County, the Open Space Institute received $113,800 to plan the removal of the Sloan Dam and a spillway and culvert on Arden Brook to improve water quality, reduce the potential for flooding and restore habitat, the DEC said.

The removal also will enable the establishment of a natural wetland where a dam-created pond exists. About 4,660 feet of stream on Arden Brook will be restored, the agency said.

In addition, Riverkeeper received $200,778 to evaluate at least nine dams on six Hudson River tributaries to determine if removal would improve water quality and restore connectivity for the eel and herring.

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