In 2021 I Want To …

In 2021 I want to...

After a challenging year, we asked readers to tell us what in 2021 they look forward to. You are invited to add your own response in the comment box below.

Have dinner with a big group of friends — no masks, no distancing. A close second: Take the vacation to Costa Rica I had to cancel. ~Theresa Gooby

Hatch a few eggs. The Beacon Hood Chicken will be looking for a soulmate/rooster. My plan is to find three potential suitors and allow my constituents to choose their favorite and then livestream the spring hatching. I’m hoping to bring something new and beautiful and exciting into the world in the form of chicks! ~Karen Finnegan

Dance with my friends. ~Richard Bruce

Attend a Cold Spring Film Society outdoor movie. ~Lauren Jeanne

Spend a week in Paris. ~Kyle Good

Stroll leisurely around Cold Spring and chat with whomever I meet, both of us open, smiling, with no mask. ~Penelope Pi-Sunyer

Take my daughter to a playground. She’s never been on a swing! ~Heidi Bender

Visit my friend Kelli in Ireland. November? Fingers crossed! ~Susie Giannoni

Hug people and eat in restaurants. ~Sarah Uzelac

Have our doors open and programs happening. ~Gillian Murphy, Butterfield Library

Get back to a more normal way of life, hopefully by the summer, when enough people are vaccinated and the pandemic is conquered. ~Jonathan Jacobson, New York State Assembly member

Enjoy some rock ’n’ roll communion. I live and breathe live music, so the air’s been a little thin since March. It will feed my spirit and the spirit of others, for sure, but ultimately my livelihood. ~Stephen Clair, Beacon Music Factory

Know that all people will finally be equal. ~Carmen Nieves

Fill my house with friends, and travel to see my family. ~Vibeke Saugestad

Stay alive. ~Heather Candon

Attend my daughter’s college graduation. ~Micki Sichel Boeri

See my family and grandchild any time I want without having to quarantine. ~Linda Megale Thorton

See COVID-19 behind us. ~Robert Langley Jr., Putnam County sheriff

Have continued health in body, mind and soul. ~Kamel Jamal

Have dinner with my whole family. ~Patricia Anderson

Sit in right field at Fenway Park and hear the sounds of baseball. ~Michael Bowman

Go to the mermaid parade at Coney Island. ~Masha Schmidt

Live in a community where everyone’s basic human needs are being met and where we don’t have to struggle to just get by. That means doing what I can to build sustainable networks of food justice, fighting for housing for all, and establishing systems of community safety that aren’t inherently violent. Most importantly, I want to help my community understand that we deserve better. ~Justice McCray

Go to story-time at the library with my toddler. ~Kristin Troy

Rebuild our community, which means doubling down on efforts to get people safely back to work. ~Sue Serino, New York State Senator

Enjoy a cold beer and good conversation on a bar stool. ~Peter Augello

See our Main Street businesses thrive again. ~MaryEllen Odell, Putnam County executive

Shake hands with friends and laugh together again. ~Craig Muraszewski

Get the vaccine and get back to business as usual! ~Lucky Longo

Have all New Yorkers get access to a vaccine so we can return to normalcy. ~Sandy Galef, New York State Assembly member

See the completion of the Town Hall restoration. ~Richard Shea, Philipstown supervisor

Do more fishing with my sons. ~Nancy Montgomery

Make tomorrow better than today — and enjoy many great nights watching the Renegades at Dutchess Stadium. ~Marc Molinaro, Dutchess County executive

Take a nice long trip on Amtrak. ~Joe Radoccia

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