Singer Launches Campaign to Reclaim Steps

Designed to “counter images of armed people” at Capitol

Dar Williams

Dar Williams, a singer and songwriter who lives in Cold Spring, has launched an online campaign called Steps2021 in advance of the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday (Jan. 20).

“We’re asking people to take a picture or video clip of themselves on their favorite and/or safest steps, any steps that they love and associate with the steps (or ramps) we take into places where we work collaboratively and constructively for the future,” she wrote. “This is to counter the images of armed people who are expected to show up at state Capitol buildings on Inauguration Day. (Don’t go to Capitol building steps.)”

Williams said she is asking people to contribute before the inauguration by taking a photo of themselves, their family or their “pod” on steps at locations such as a place of worship, library, town hall, home or apartment stoop, or a video of yourself singing, speaking or playing music with props “such as art, poetry, scripture, or songs that focus on themes related to our democracy: justice, peace, hope, freedom.”

Email the photo or video to [email protected] with a caption noting where you are and why these steps are important to you.

There is more information at

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