Letters: COVID Policy

The Putnam County Legislature’s holiday reading seems to be mired in the playbook that has come out of the clown show in Washington, D.C., over the past four years. In an effort to discredit Sheriff Robert Langley Jr. and the Sheriff’s Department, the Republican-dominated body is stumbling badly in its execution (Should Deputies Work After Virus Exposure?, Dec. 25).

The Republican legislators claimed Langley was ignoring county policy on employee exposure to COVID. The county attorney, perhaps caught in a Rudy Giuliani moment, stated that there is no policy. She notes that the county deals “with every single exposure by one of our employees on a case-by-case basis.” The lack of message coordination by these folks is amazing.

Legislator Ginny Nacerino spouts that “culpability lies with the administration of the Sheriff’s Department.” She further posits that “we all march to the same rules.” The same rules — unless you are a Democrat.

Putnam may be a Republican county. But the people of Putnam are not stupid, and they can recognize the smell and foul intentions of a Legislature that aims to remove a competent, dedicated public servant like Sheriff Langley. This is yet another example of party over county, the corrupt playbook that the Legislature has adopted. It is playing with public safety, ironically, attempting to defund the police and attempting to portray the dedicated law enforcement professionals as greedy, money-grabbing individuals. The people know and will respond accordingly come the election time.

In the meantime, thank you to the sheriff and his deputies for keeping Putnam safe and sound in these difficult times.

Phil Bayer, Carmel

Putnam County’s Republican legislators are continuing their years-long effort to undermine Sheriff Robert Langley. Most recently, they’ve been going after him for trying to keep his deputies and staff safe after COVID-19 exposures.

This is nuts. In a county where infection rates continue to climb, legislators and the county executive should be working with and supporting Sheriff Langley so the officers and employees he oversees can stay healthy and continue protecting Putnam’s residents. Instead of spending their time dreaming up new ways to hamstring the sheriff, legislators and the executive should focus on responding to this health crisis in ways that benefit all the residents of Putnam.

Ned Rauch, Garrison

Rauch is vice chair of the Philipstown Democratic Committee.

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