Love is in the Air

To: Gregg
From: Helen
I’m still your sugar plum, by gum; you’re still my sugar beet

To: Guillermo
From: Vanessa
Dear Babycakes, what better way to show you my love than having it permanently in words written in print. I can watch you for a single minute and find 1,000 things that I love about you. But it’s only when you smile that I’m yours over and over again. Happy Valentine’s Day “Chunky.”

To: Janie
From: Bob
You turn quarantine into a honeymoon. Love you, sweetie.

To: Eleanore, Charlotte & Noah
From: Lou
How lucky we are to have found love in the time of COVID! Thanks for being the best friends and Valentines a gal could ask for. Milk cheers to many more milestones, celebrations, and messes together. OK, G2G pretend babble so my parents think they’re the ones in control. You know the deal. Xox. P.S. I know we talked about a nap strike on the afternoon of 2/14, but in the name of Cupid, let’s go down easy.

To: Darien
From: Krystal
17 years ago I met you at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, and we’ve been happily married for 14 years. Love U.

To: PengM
From: PengL
A Haiku for you: My wife, my partner / Will you be my valentine. / Your Zboyz love you.

To: Pat
From: Lindsay
Happy Valentine’s Day, babe! I hope this makes up for not writing you a letter on our wedding day (although I think my excuse was valid under the circumstances)! I’m ready for any adventure with you by my side. Thanks for all the laughs, the endless love and our two beautiful creations. I’ll stop the world and melt with you…

To: John
From: Irene
To my Valentine, in the words of Mr. Porter: It’s very clear / Our love is here to stay. / Not for a year, / But ever and a day. / In time the Rockies may crumble, / Gibraltar may tumble, / They’re only made of clay, / But our love is here to stay. Love you even more after a whole pandemic year together.

To: Tree
From: Acorn
I take Metro-North to the city / To see Linda, Spanish for pretty / Though she’s just Mom to me / I do find her lovely / Which is true since I was itty-bitty / I go often to stroll & kibbitz / Tête à têtes and the best laughing fits / We drink coffee for days / Which is how I was raised / While we tell all our pieces & bits / And while in this rich life there are others / Don’t worry mom, next’s An Ode to my Brothers / I can’t fathom the worth / Appreciating since birth / I’m sold on the love between daughters & mothers.

To: Da da
From: Autumn
Happy Valentine’s Day to the best daddy ever, and happy birthday!!!

To: Kelly
From: Nettie
You will always be my Valentine!

From: HML
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.—Wayne Gretzky” —Michael Scott. Let the Wookie win! Love your forever, Valentine.

To: Sam  /  From: Sarah
Twenty-seven valentines in and you’re still my favorite. There’s no one I’d rather live through a pandemic with, babe!

To: Beth
From: Brian
You make my heart rise like a sourdough starter left on a warm spot on the stove.

To: Coffee Mate
From: Dairy Queen
Au Courant / We start out our days with the news / What’s the word? Ooh – a Valentines ruse / Will you know she is me? / Je t’adore, mon chéri / Watch me close / Ice ice baby blues. / The Current said “Hey — for posterity” / And, I thought, maybe some clarity / I’d jot down some lines, some “Baby Be Mines” / And come V-Day in black and white / There I’d be. / If my reading’s been drawing you in / And your coffee’s concealing a grin / Come refill my cup / While I butter you up / Be my Valentine, handsome. FIN

To: Jamie
From: Julie
To my husband on our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife — and our first living in Cold Spring! I love you today and every day, and look forward to many more adventures together.

To: Bob
From: Pepper
Happy Valentine’s Day, Loveypoo! Every day with you brings me joy, laughter, and love. I am one lucky lady. Love, Preppy

To: Chris
From: Jamie
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart! Love you to the moon and back best friend.

To: Camembert
From: Bobby
Angelface, you are my French fry forever. You are a whole beef shank with its spicy beefy goodness and I love you! I want to be with you always.

To: J
From: C
17 Valentine’s Days ago I asked you to be mine. This year, I say what has always been true. I’m yours.

To: Sierra Jean & her mom & dad
From: Nana and Baba
Happy Valentine’s Day!!! We love you. xoxoxoxo

To: Harry
From: Your Secret Admirer
Do you have a pen? Let’s do the crossword.

To: Mom
From: Mike and Sara
Happy Valentine’s Day! We are excited to explore the Hudson Valley with you more! Love you lots, thanks for everything

To: Angelo, Dominique, Adriana, Anthony, Aliyah, Andrew
From: Grandma Bev
Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful grandchildren! Love you lots!

To: Mike Barber
From: Your kids
Dear Dad, Happy Valentine’s Day! You’ll hear it from us on WhatsApp, but know that we love you.

To: Cory
From: Kari Jo
Coffee is important, / the marsh has grown beautiful to us; / the wildlife amuse and / the children stretch us — / and i am so thankful for every day we / walk together; this past year, and the / 24 previous. / And i look forward to as many more as we will be given: sipping, thinking, walking, observing, praying, deciding, waiting, acting and loving. / Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. xx

To: Newcastle
From: Keighley
Roses are red / Violets are blue / I’m mad aboot lads / But I propa love you.

To: Emily
From: Lauren
I love you to the moon and back Kit Kat. Thank you for being such a light in my life. I’ll always listen to your dreams and close the blinds.

To: Mike
From: Sara
Yoda best! Love you so much! So grateful for all you do for me and excited for our next chapter together!

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