Sheriff Arrests Beacon Man for Dumping

Resident takes photos of suspect in Philipstown

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday (March 1) that it had arrested a Beacon man for allegedly dumping construction debris on Indian Brook Road in Philipstown.

The department said that on Sunday (Feb. 28) at about 2:35 p.m., a resident called 911 to report that a man was dumping debris over an embankment near the Route 9D overpass.  She also took photos, including the one below.


A photo of the suspect sent to the Sheriff’s Department by a resident and posted on Instagram. (PCSO)

Deputy William Verrastro responded and located a pile of construction debris while Deputy Robert Weinberg searched for the suspect, the sheriff said. Weinberg observed the suspect’s vehicle and detained the man, who was charged with littering under Town of Philipstown law. The sheriff did not identify the suspect.

Because the area is also state park land, the Department of Environmental Conservation issued tickets for two violations: “unlawful disposal of solid waste” and “depositing a noisome and unwholesome substance on or near a public highway,” both answerable at Philipstown Town Court.

The sheriff did not respond to a request for the suspect’s name or employer, and the DEC declined to release his name.

One thought on “Sheriff Arrests Beacon Man for Dumping

  1. I would like to commend the resident for taking such a proactive step that followed that sound advice that if you see something wrong you report it to police. We have had a rash of these litterings on this particular road for the last few years. These types of incidents are so hard to catch in the act so it really takes all of us looking out for each other. This type of offense is so disingenuous and non-caring of our environment that I wish the penalty was harsher so as to deter such.

    Despite the disappointment I am reminded positively of our caring residents in the past that worked so hard to remove tires and other debris from waterways in this area. Thank you as well to the Sheriff’s Department for its immediate investigation into this matter and a quick apprehension. Also DEC quick actions to penalize as well. Hope this sends the clear message we are not going to tolerate such in a town we take such pride in. Well done, everyone.