Voter Ups and Downs

The New York State Board of Elections this week released figures showing the number of active voters by location and party as of February 2021.

Compared to the figures before the presidential election of 2016, the number of voters jumped 12 percent in Dutchess and 10 percent in Putnam. Democrats led the charge, with an increase of 21 percent in Dutchess, 25 percent in Beacon, 17 percent in Putnam and 24 percent in Philipstown.

Republican registrations rose 7 percent in Putnam and 6 percent in Dutchess. They were flat in Philipstown and Beacon.

The percentage of voters with no party affiliation grew by 10 percent in Dutchess and 13 percent in Putnam but only 5 percent in Beacon and 7 percent in Philipstown.

The figures do not include registered voters who have not cast a ballot in the last two federal elections.

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