Plastic Recycling Bins in Beacon

Wrappers and bags collected at two sites

Beacon residents can now bring plastic wrappers and bags to drop-off bins for recycling, the city announced.

The Sustainable Beacon recycling and waste-reduction working group launched a project to collect filmy plastic so it can be made into other products. The city is testing a program offered by the Trex decking company for six months.

Drop-off bins are located at Key Food and Memorial Hall during the Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Not allowed: compostable bags, pre-washed salad mix bags, frozen food bags, candy bar wrappers, chip bags or six-pack rings.

One thought on “Plastic Recycling Bins in Beacon

  1. I change out the plastic recycling bin at Key Food on Main Street and must do it every day because of the volume of plastic being recycled. Thank you for promoting the project!

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