2021 College Scholarship Guide

Scholarship guide

The list below includes scholarships available to high school seniors or college students in the Highlands and/or Putnam and Dutchess counties. It does not include awards specific to individual schools. To search for scholarships from state and national organizations, see directories such as scholarships.com, fastweb.com and collegeboard.org.

Each listing includes who qualifies to apply, the amount of the award and the application deadline. For scholarships coded CFHV, apply at cfhvny.org. For those marked SGO, contact the guidance office at Haldane High School or Beacon High School or click on the “Apply” link to download the form in PDF format or visit the website.


Acacio “Roger” Rodrigues Memorial Scholarship
Putnam or Dutchess seniors or undergraduate college students who plan to study in a field that will lead to a career in the building/construction industry. | $2,000+ annually | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

AIAWHV Foundation
Putnam or Dutchess college students studying architecture. | $7,000 | April 9 | SGO |  Apply

Beacon Elks Lodge 1493
The Elks offer the Rush Greenough Scholarship to a BHS or Haldane senior with “extraordinary community service” and the Doc Roberts Scholarship to a BHS senior who plans to pursue an engineering or technology-related degree. | $750 | May 1 | SGO

Daughters of the United States Army
Senior who is the child or dependent of an active, retired or deceased U.S. military service member whose family resides within a 35-mile radius of West Point. | April 15 | SGO | Apply

Elena Eckert Memorial Scholarship
Putnam or Dutchess seniors who are children or grandchildren of a current or former member of the armed forces, a police officer or a corrections officer. | $1,500+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Firemen’s Association of the State of New York
FASNY reimburses tuition for active volunteer firefighters attending a New York community college or taking online courses through Empire State College. | $1,250 | ongoing | SGO | Apply

Hudson Valley Guns and Hoses
Putnam or Dutchess senior planning to major in criminal justice, fire science, public administration or related fields. | $1,000+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Jean DeGrace Crandall Memorial Scholarship
Migrant farmworker or child of migrant farmworker (preference for those from Mexico) with history of migration to Putnam or Dutchess. | $1,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Mid-Hudson Ivy Foundation
Seniors from the Mid-Hudson Valley. Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha. | $500 to $2,000 | March 27 | SGO | Apply

Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation
Putnam and Dutchess seniors whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. | $2,000 to $5,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Marty McGuire Audubon Scholarship
Current college students or college-bound high school seniors with an interest in nature, and who are from western Putnam or southwestern Dutchess counties. | $1,200 to $4,000 | April 1 | Apply

Nebrasky Foundation Scholarships
Seniors in the Hudson Valley “who may not fit the traditional four-year college model” but plan to pursue vocational or technical education. | $2,500 | April 15 | SGO | Apply

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal
Haldane or Beacon seniors who are (1) enrolled in special education, (2) have demonstrated resourcefulness and ingenuity to overcome a puzzling creative obstacle, or (3) plan to attend a New York college and have a record of involvement and work for a cause or organization that promotes social justice, equal opportunity, relief of human suffering or similar aspirations. | $3,000 to $5,000 | April 23 | SGO | Apply

Professional Nurses Association of Dutchess/Putnam
Putnam or Dutchess seniors or college students pursuing a career in nursing. | $500 to $1,000 | May 12 | SGO| Apply

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Lower Hudson Valley senior who demonstrates an interest in U.S. history | $250 | May 14 | SGO | Apply

St. Luke’s Cornwall Health System
Seniors who plan to enter the medical field. | $1,000 to $1,500 | April 12 | SGO | Apply

Tony Schembri Memorial Scholarship
Seniors from the Mid-Hudson Valley. Sponsored by the Newburgh-based chapter of the veterans’ organization Rolling Thunder 3. | $500 | April 15 | SGO | Apply


Alice Reilley Schatzle Memorial Scholarship
Haldane senior who plans to major in education, library sciences or another field that serves others. | Varies. | SGO | May 14

Betty Budney Community Service Award
Sponsored by the Philipstown Democratic Committee, the scholarship is presented to a Philipstown senior who contributed to the community through volunteer service. | $500 | May 14 | SGO | Apply

Blue Devil Booster Club
A male and female senior who have been involved in the Haldane athletic program and demonstrated honesty, self-discipline, commitment and team play. | $500 | SGO | May 14

Cold Spring Lions Club
The Frank Milkovich scholarships are available to Philipstown seniors on basis of need, scholarship and potential to succeed. | Varies. | SGO | May 10

Cold Spring Police Benevolent Association
Haldane seniors, for community service and potential for success. | SGO | May 14

Glaser Orthodontics
Haldane seniors who plan to pursue a career in a health field. | $1,000 | SGO | April 15

Haldane School Foundation
Haldane senior who writes the most compelling essay on how an HSF-sponsored grant enhanced their Haldane education. | $2,000 | June 1 | Apply

Joseph Percacciolo Memorial Award
Haldane seniors who have demonstrated service and dedication to the community. | SGO | May 14

Knights of Columbus Scholarship
Philipstown seniors, with preference to Our Lady of Loretto and St. Joseph’s parishioners. | SGO | May 14

Kristofer J. DiNatale Scholarship
Presented to a Haldane senior who has demonstrated a strong interest and commitment to technology. | SGO | May 14

Liz Bono Memorial Scholarship
Haldane senior preparing for a career in business management or planning to start his or her own business. | $500 | SGO | May 14

Lori Isler Teacher Scholarship
Haldane senior who plans to pursue a teaching career and is involved in community service. | $1,000 | SGO | May 14

Magazzino Educational Scholarship
Haldane junior or senior with a strong interest in visual art or museum management. Includes a paid internship at the museum. Presented by Magazzino Italian Art in partnership with the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce. | $1,000 | June 7 | Apply

Master Gardeners
Putnam County seniors who plan to pursue a degree in plant science, horticulture, floriculture, architectural landscape design, forestry, botany or another environmental-related program. Sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension. | $500 | SGO | April 30 | Apply

Mental Health Association in Putnam County
Putnam seniors who plan to pursue a career related to mental health or in human services such as social work, psychology, nursing, education, counseling, community mental health, or child and family studies. | $500 | SGO | March 26 | Apply

NewYork-Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital Auxiliary
Senior who plans to pursue a career in the health field. | $1,000 | SGO | May 3

Philip Baumgarten Memorial Scholarship
Philipstown senior who volunteers for a local nonprofit and/or has worked for a local business. Sponsored by the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce. | Varies. | June 1 | Apply

Philipstown Republican Committee
Awarded to a Philipstown senior who demonstrates leadership qualities, participates in extracurricular activities and demonstrates superior moral character. | $250 | SGO | April 17

Putnam County Children’s Committee
Putnam seniors who exhibit a “commitment to service to the community, and strength of purpose in achieving an educational goal, ability and maturity.” | $500 | SGO | April 14

Putnam County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association
Putnam seniors, on basis of need and potential for success. | SGO | April 15


Andy Vito/Harold Tompkins/Ron Vece Scholarship
Funded by the Hudson Valley Umpires Association, this scholarship is for seniors in Dutchess County who played high school baseball. | $750 to $1,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

ATHENA Adult Scholarship
Dutchess females who have been out of high school or college for five years and are pursuing degrees at a New York or online school. | $1,000 to $2,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Beacon Community Lions Club
BHS senior with a GPA of 3.0 or better who submits an essay on leadership and the importance of community service. | $500 | SGO | April 1

Beacon Schools PTOs
The Parent-Teacher Organizations at J.V. Forrestal, Glenham, Sargent and South Avenue elementary schools offer scholarships to Beacon seniors who attended each of them. The Beacon High School PTO also offers scholarships. | $300 to $1,500 | SGO | May

Bianca Knight Memorial Scholarship
Dutchess seniors pursuing careers in human services or ministry. | $1,000 | May 1 | SGO | Apply

Big Horizon/Howland Cultural Center
Beacon High School seniors who are pursuing a career in the arts. Two scholarships will be awarded. | $500 | April 2 | SGO | Apply

Charles E. and Mabel E. Conklin Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who rank in the top 10 percent of their class can attend Dutchess Community College for two years at no cost. | Varies. | June 18 | SGO | Apply

Charles S. North Scholarship for Music and Art
Dutchess seniors who plan to major in music performance, music/art education or visual arts (ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture). | $1,000 to $1,500 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Dustin James Fallen Police Officer Memorial Fund
BHS seniors who plan to pursue a career in law enforcement, emergency services or the military. | $500 | SGO | April 15

Dutchess County Agricultural Society
Dutchess seniors and college students who plan to pursue a degree in agriculture, horticulture or human ecology, or a career related to agriculture or horticulture. | SGO | May 11 | Apply

Dutchess County Music Educators Association
Dutchess seniors who plan to major in music or the arts. | $500 | SGO | May 17 | Apply

Dutchess County St. Patrick’s Parade Committee
Dutchess seniors and college students of Irish descent. | $1,000 | SGO | April 30 | Apply

Dylan Feller Memorial Scholarship
Dutchess County BOCES/CTI student who plans to major in photography or graphic communications. | $1,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Eileen Hickey Nursing Scholarship
Dutchess seniors or college students pursuing a career in nursing at a New York school. | $1,500+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Frank Thomas Groff Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who are members of the Roman Catholic Church.
| $1,000 annually | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

George A. and Catherine V. Quill Scholarship
BHS seniors “who must apply themselves to prosper or those who are able to demonstrate financial need.” | $1,000 to $1,500 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

H. Normington Schofield Scholarship
BHS seniors who plan to major in environmental studies or education. | $1,000+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Honorable Anthony L. Pagones Memorial Scholarship
Dutchess senior, preferably a Beacon resident, who intends to study law, political science/government or criminal justice. | $1,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Hudson Valley Financial Professionals
Dutchess seniors who plan to pursue a career in the financial services industry such as banking, finance, insurance or investment banking. | $500 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Hudson Valley School Food Service Directors
BHS seniors planning to study food service, hospitality, hotel management or dietetics. | $1,000 | April 19 | SGO | Apply

I Am Beacon Making a Difference Scholarship
Graduating Beacon senior. | $2000 annually | April 23 | SGO | Apply

Joseph H. and Mildred C. McManus Scholarship
Dutchess seniors or recent graduates “who must apply themselves to prosper or who demonstrate financial need.” | $1,500 annually | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Joseph H. Gellert/Dutchess County Bar Association
Dutchess students enrolled in law school. | $1,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Joseph S. Guarneri Sr. Memorial Scholarship
BHS senior “who has overcome or is overcoming personal, financial, family or emotional difficulties.” | $650+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Juan Lafuente Leadership Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who demonstrate academic achievement (especially in math and science); leadership contributions to school and community; and character. Students must attend a New York college. | $1,000 to $1,500 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Landon R. Gray Memorial Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who are male and African-American and plan to pursue a degree in education, human services, technology or media. | $1,000 | May 1 | SGO | Apply

Leslie C. and Irene G. Roe Athletic Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who have demonstrated outstanding athletic skills and will attend a New York community college or SUNY/CUNY school. | $1,500 annually | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Linda and Steven Lant Family Scholarship
Dutchess seniors or college students pursuing a major in business or finance at a New York school. | $2,500+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Marjorie A. Rifenburg Scholarship
Dutchess seniors of Native American, American Indian, First Nation or Indigenous descent. | Up to $4,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Mary McKenzie Memorial Scholarship
BHS seniors of African-American descent. | $500 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Maynard and Ferne Brownell Family Scholarship
BHS seniors with financial need and athletic and/or community service. | $750 annually | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Michael P. Murphy Public Service Graduate Scholarship
Dutchess graduate students planning a career in government. | $1,000+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Norman and Rita Nussbickel Memorial Scholarship
BHS seniors “who have demonstrated excellent academic and athletic achievement and have a meaningful record of community service.” | $1,000+ | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

R&M Promotions Latino High School Scholarship
Dutchess seniors of Hispanic origin. | Varies. | SGO | April 9 | Apply

Richard W. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
Dutchess senior with “significant economic, physical, developmental or emotional barrier(s)” who will enroll at a New York college. | $1,000 to $1,500 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Robert K. and Clara Lou Gould Memorial Scholarship
BHS seniors with “extensive community service experience.” | $2,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

Sal & Pat Trocino Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who have a minimum GPA of 3.25; preference to students with financial need. | $1,000 | SGO | April 16 | Apply

Sons and Daughters of Italy
The Beacon Sons & Daughters of Italy, St. Francis of Assisi Lodge No. 2629 offers one or more scholarships to BHS seniors of Italian heritage or who have a family member who is a member of the lodge. | $500 | May 31 | SGO | Apply

Stephanie D. Brown & Barbara M. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Female Dutchess seniors who intend to major in education and become elementary, middle school or high school teachers. | $1,000 to $2,000 | April 1 | CFHV | Apply

TEG Joyce A. Betros Scholarship
Dutchess seniors who are TEG Federal Credit Union members (or whose parent or guardian is) and who demonstrate academic achievement and commitment to community. | $1,000 | SGO | May 1 | Apply

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