What Will You Do with the $$$?

The federal government has started sending out the third round of stimulus checks in response to the effect of the pandemic shutdown on the economy. We asked on Instagram.com if readers had received their checks; 56 percent said they had. We also asked what they planned to do with the money. Here are some responses:

  • Get my dog spayed and new brakes for my car
  • Home improvement
  • Tithes to my church
  • Buy crypto
  • Home projects
  • Stuff
  • Bills, bills, bills
  • Saving for a house
  • Not sure yet
  • Taxes, again!
  • Pay bills ahead so we won’t have to worry about them!
  • Savings
  • I paid off my student loan with the first one so I’m thinking something fun for this one
  • Did not qualify
  • Child care
  • Paying for a much-needed MRI

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