School Board Petitions Due

Election scheduled for May 18

Residents of the Haldane, Beacon and Garrison school districts who plan to be candidates for open board seats must submit nominating petitions this month. The budget and trustee vote is scheduled for May 18.

In Haldane and Garrison, candidate petitions require 25 signatures from qualified voters and are due by April 19. For more information for Garrison, see, and for Haldane, email [email protected] There are four open seats in Garrison and two at Haldane.

In Beacon, candidates for four open seats must submit at least 50 signatures by April 28. (The usual number is 100 but the state has lowered the requirement in 2021 for small city districts because of the ongoing pandemic.) See or call 845-838-6900, ext. 2032.

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