One thought on “5 Questions: Jamie Margolin

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Jamie Margolin that what gives her hope is her activism and the other people taking action alongside her, and knowing that she is not alone.

    That’s just what the campaign Philipstown Fights Dirty, How Low Can We Go? will do for our community. We will give you solutions, camaraderie and hopefully restore your belief that we can fight climate change. So often we get stuck on what we don’t want. This is our chance to say what we do want, how we want our future to look like. When I think of where we will be in 2040, I see our kids being driven to school in electric school buses, I see people using walking and biking paths to safely move around the community without a car, I see solar on rooftops and winding their way through pollinator fields, I see more gardens and backyards filled with fruits, vegetables and native plants, I see Main Street and the Farmers’ Market bustling with shoppers from Philipstown, I see our local businesses performing energy audits, weatherization, installing electric vehicle chargers and heat pump, I see more trees planted sucking up carbon and providing shade, and I see healthier, happier, connected people.

    We’re fighting for a better world, are you in?

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