Candidates Set for Haldane, Garrison

Beacon school board petitions due Wednesday (April 28)

Garrison will have five candidates for four vacancies on its seven-member school board, the district announced on Tuesday (April 20). 

They are incumbents David Gelber, Madeline Julian and Courtney McCarthy, and newcomers Ned Rauch and Kent Schacht. Three of the four seats are for 3-year terms and one for a single year to complete the term of Jill Lake, who resigned. The candidate with the fourth-highest number of votes will fill the one-year term.

At Haldane, there will be three candidates for two seats on the five-member board. The candidates are incumbent John Hedlund and newcomers Mark Daisley and Mary (Maggie) Valentine. Margaret Parr is not running for re-election.

In Beacon, candidates for four open seats on the nine-member board must submit at least 50 signatures by Wednesday (April 28) to be listed on the ballot. (The usual number is 100 but the state has lowered the requirement in 2021 for small city districts because of the ongoing pandemic.) See or call 845-838-6900, ext. 2032.

The budget and trustee votes in all three districts are scheduled for May 18. 

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