Open Space Institute Buys Putnam Valley Land

Canopus Hollow Road

The Open Space Institute bought a 32-acre property on Canopus Hollow Road in Putnam Valley. (OSI photo)

Property seen as entry to Appalachian Trail, Fahnestock

The Open Space Institute has purchased a 32-acre property on Canopus Hollow Road in Putnam Valley that will provide access to the adjacent Appalachian Trail and Fahnestock State Park, which sits a half-mile north. 

The property, which cost $382,500, shares a 2,120-foot boundary to the east with the Appalachian Trail, which connects Hudson Highlands State Park with Fahnestock, and has a farm road that is a potential trailhead and parking area, said OSI in announcing the purchase on April 19. 

More than 740 feet of a perennial stream and a 5-acre wetland also inhabit the property, as well as migratory birds, the Indiana bat and rare plants, said OSI, which plans to transfer the property to the state as an addition to Fahnestock. 

John Lafata, whose family owned the 32 acres for more than 25 years, said that “now, the peacefulness I experienced there on the land will be shared with others.”

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