Listen to Your Mother

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, which is Sunday (May 9), we asked readers online to share advice they had gotten from their moms.

“This too shall pass.” ~Carolyn O’Daly

“ ‘Always do your best,’ which is probably why I got the jobs of dishwashing and bathroom cleaning while my three sisters dusted.” ~Kathleen Kourie

 “Never marry an engineer.” ~Robert Balogh-Robinson

 “You never have to justify spending money on books or music.” ~Sarah Feyl

 “Don’t whiz on the electric fence.” ~Josh Stark

 “Live your values.” ~Larissa Miller

 “ ‘You’ll be better before you’re married’ – an Irish saying that means basically ‘This too shall pass,’ or don’t sweat the small stuff.” ~Patricia Cronin

“You should study abroad.” ~Bryan Conway

 “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” ~Michael Hardman

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