Maloney Requests Money for Projects

Asks for funds be added to spending bills

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney on May 5 announced requests he had made for the funding of 20 community projects in his district, which includes the Highlands, although not all will be approved.

The requests, known as “earmarks,” were banned by Congress in 2011 but legislators earlier this year decided to again allow them while requiring they be made public. Maloney’s requests include $14 million in funding for four projects in Putnam County and $4 million for three projects in Dutchess such as:

■ $2 million to demolish the Philipstown Highway Garage and construct a modern facility that will lower energy costs with a solar panel array on the roof.

■ $4.35 million for the proposed Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail between Cold Spring and Beacon.

■ $400,000 for a study of the Interstate 84/Route 9D corridor in Beacon and Fishkill to reduce congestion and improve access to the Beacon train station.

■ $4 million to enlarge the Newburgh pier, provide a floating dock for the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry transfer passengers, transient mooring slips for recreational boaters, and shaded seating and space for outdoor events.

Like other representatives, Maloney asked the chairs of House committees — in this case, Appropriations and Transportation/Infrastructure (he is a member of the latter) — to add his earmarks for government or nonprofit projects to larger spending bills that must be passed for the federal government to operate.

The House Appropriations Committee allowed each member to submit up to 10 proposals but noted that “only a handful may actually be funded” because House rules limit Community Project Funding to 1 percent of discretionary spending.

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