Nelsonville will join coalition in July

Nine communities, including Beacon, Philipstown and Cold Spring, renewed their contracts with Hudson Valley Community Power (HVCP) to provide residents and businesses with renewable energy at a fixed rate.

HVCP is a “community choice aggregation” program that allows municipalities to negotiate lower rates. Nelsonville is expected to join the coalition in July, along with Rhinebeck, Gardiner and Saugerties.

The new contract will run for three years. Residents and businesses may withdraw at any time and receive service from Central Hudson at the variable rate. The utility handles delivery, repair service and billing for either option.

Beginning in July, the renewable fixed rate for residential customers under the CCA will be 0.06573 cents per kilowatt for renewable energy and 0.05968 cents for the standard rate. An information session is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday (June 1) via Zoom at

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