College Graduates 2021

Bowdoin College (Maine)
Brooke Vahos, Cold Spring

Clark University (Massachusetts)
David Rotando, Cold Spring (MBA)

Dutchess Community College

Rosemarie Forzano, Garrison
Maja Maxwell, Cold Spring
Julian Van Dommele, Cold Spring

Andre Davis II, Beacon
Myles Harvey, Beacon
Jazmyn O’Dell, Cold Spring
Sonya VanValkenburg, Cold Spring

Business – Paralegal
Arielle Milam, Beacon

Communications and Media Arts
Beth Fisher, Beacon
Robert Vasquez Melendez Jr., Beacon

Computer Information Systems
Andrew Lukan, Beacon

Computer Science
Christopher Moschetti, Beacon

Criminal Justice
Samuel Soto, Beacon
Cevon Taylor, Beacon

Fire Science
Dylan Meaney, Garrison

General Studies
Jordan Acevedo, Beacon
Selena Ayala, Cold Spring
Claire Emmett, Beacon
Zhandra Innocenti, Beacon
Julia Lahey, Beacon
Nicole Mazzarella, Beacon
Steven Smith, Beacon
Brianna Virtuoso, Beacon
Elizabeth Wassweiler, Beacon

Human Services
Richard Cannon Jr., Beacon
Melinda Cuello, Beacon
Destiny Kearney, Beacon

Liberal Arts & Sciences – Education
Anisa Alzate, Beacon
Kristina Ban, Beacon
Zoe Lyons-Davis, Cold Spring

Liberal Arts & Sciences – Humanities
Jamie Brown, Beacon
Sydney Cottrell, Garrison
Christian Farley, Beacon
Angelina Finateri, Beacon
Emma Henderson, Beacon
Alexander Nivel, Beacon
Sahil Sharma, Beacon
Sabrina Tutasi, Beacon
Lilybeth Velasquez, Beacon

Heather Courtney, Beacon

East Stroudsburg University (Pennsylvania)
Ryan Koval, Cold Spring

Georgia Institute of Technology
Gregory Trautman, Beacon

Hobart and William Smith Colleges (Geneva)
Willa Dow, Garrison (French and International Relations)

Ithaca College
Joshua Abrams, Garrison (Speech Language Pathology)
Amanda Erickson, Garrison (Theatre Studies)

Le Moyne College (Syracuse)
Marissa Lisikatos, Cold Spring (Chemistry)

Louisiana State University
Rayvon Grey, Beacon

Mansfield University (Pennsylvania)
Derek O’Dell, Beacon

Mount Saint Mary College
Cesar A. Olivares, Beacon
Nickeya Allen, Beacon
Sierra Rose Caban, Beacon
Justin D. Maldonado, Cold Spring
Jessica Belle Musacchio, Beacon
Alexandra Lynn Osborne, Cold Spring
Catherine L. Owens, Beacon
Bianca Resendiz, Beacon
Channelle K. Walker, Beacon
Derek Sanderson, Beacon
Richard Valentine, Cold Spring

Jessica Musacchio

Jessica Musacchio of Beacon, who earned a biology degree from Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, will begin her career as a research technician at Columbia University studying Essential Tremor, a nervous system disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. (MSMC photo)

New York Institute of Technology
Julie Shelley, Garrison (MS Occupational Therapy)

Rochester Institute of Technology
Dan Sabrsula, Beacon (Physics)

SUNY Delhi
Karli Wylde, Beacon (Liberal Arts)

SUNY New Paltz
Sarah Abdo, Beacon
Colin Battersby, Beacon
Caroline Casparian, Cold Spring
Ana Maria Farina, Beacon
Zanyell Garmon, Beacon
Jessica Gdoviak, Cold Spring
Alexa Glusker, Beacon
Clarissa Molina, Beacon
Evan Poholchuk, Cold Spring
Justin Santana, Beacon
Emma Schiffer, Beacon
Melissa Segovia, Beacon
Hayley Squires, Garrison
Stephanie Varricchio, Beacon
Jesus Velasquez, Beacon

SUNY Oneonta
Jennifer Andrews, Beacon (Media Studies)
Amber Butler, Beacon (Biology, Communication Studies)
Mia Reid-Espinal, Beacon (Dietetics)

SUNY Orange
Allyson Nicole Hockler, Beacon
Jaña Medley, Beacon

University of Scranton
Sean Gannon, Garrison

Sean Gannon

Sean Gannon of Garrison graduated from the University of Scranton with a history degree and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

University of Tampa

Andrew Platt, Cold Spring

University of Vermont
Emma Parks, Garrison

William James College (Massachusetts)
Alyssa Repetto, Garrison (School Psychology)

Wilkes University
Frances Reilly, Beacon

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