On The Spot

How many remote controls do you own?

Ann McBride-Alayon
Just one for the TV. Plus Apple TV.
~ Ann McBride-Alayon, Cold Spring

George Stevenson
Four: TV, DVD player, fan, air conditioner.
~ George Stevenson, Cold Spring

Sean O'Mara
Probably seven: turntable, projector, fan, space heater, TV, DVD player and one I’m forgetting.
~ Sean O’Mara, Beacon

One thought on “On The Spot

  1. Good question. My first remote was a car starter, a gift from a friend back in 1998. It got me into a bit of trouble though. The starter was only effective within a set distance. So, I parked within range in an unauthorized area. No surprise, Fern would you step into my office please? At my next employee Toastmasters meeting I wrote a speech entitled: My struggle to maintain minimalization. Well, the struggle failed. I now have four remotes. Thanks for the memories 🙂