Bring Back Aisle 6?

Aisles 6

The Nelsonville geese, and the real thing

In the July 23 issue, we printed a photo of the familiar plastic geese of Nelsonville arranged as if they were in Aisle 6 at Foodtown, where customers until recently were asked to line up for the checkout registers to allow for social distancing. We asked on Instagram if readers thought the Cold Spring grocery should return to having shoppers queue in Aisle 6. About 70 percent said yes. Here are a few comments:

“The rudeness I’ve experienced since it was done away with is unnecessary.”

“Aisle 6 was a great opportunity for a deep dive into cereal comps.”

“The undoing has been torturous to watch, like a retraining of circus dogs.”

“It definitely imposed order and calmed tempers.”

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