On The Spot

What was something kind of crazy you believed as a kid?

Rudolf Van Dommele
I believed someday I would build a windmill – and live in it.
~Rudolf Van Dommele, Cold Spring

Pat O'Connor
I had an imaginary friend, Uncle Winky, who lived behind the couch.
~Pat O’Connor, Beacon

Tom Elliot
I told my friend I had Rin Tin Tin living in our basement.
~Tom Elliot, Beacon 

One thought on “On The Spot

  1. Thought I could fly like Superman, so I climbed on top of the dresser, attempted to fly and landed on the bed. Luckily I was afraid of heights; we lived on the third floor. I also remember being taught (in Catholic school) that you had to be married to you know what.

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