Free Weed

Marijuana giveaway

Grant McCabe, the owner of Smoker’s Mecca and The Leaf in Beacon, has been giving away free joints on the first and last Friday of each month. The state legalized the sale and use of recreational marijuana but is still sorting out how retail sales will work. “It’s legal but you can’t sell it yet, so it’s a fun thing to draw some business,” McCabe said.

2 thoughts on “Free Weed

  1. As Americans we, so far, have been very lucky to have the freedom of choice. Thought, with this privilege comes responsibility.

    If I were to ‘do’ weed (how cool is that?), as a responsible person I would consider the ramifications. For example, will I remember to close the gate to ensure my puppies don’t get run out on the street and hit by a car?

    Or, while shopping at Adams, asking myself, did I turn off the stove, the clothes dryer? Oh my goodness I’d better run home right now leave the cart and that perfect honeydew? Oye!

    What the hey, big deal, so what, weed is fun, until it’s not. At this point, should I go to AA? I hear they also deal with drug addiction?

    Think about it, sincerely!

    • Plenty of people who are not “doing” weed do similar acts, such as leaving their child in the back of a sweltering car. Back in the day, how many people fell asleep while smoking cigarettes and burned themselves up. Stuff happens. Whether it was from distraction or plain ignorance, unfortunately, we all make mistakes.