Letter: Disappointed

I was disappointed to see the lack of acknowledgment by our local elected officials of several important dates from our history. We finally came out of a pandemic lockdown only to find our history being ignored and erased.

President’s Day (Feb. 3) went unacknowledged and was not honored by our local elected officials. Memorial Day (May 31) went unacknowledged. July 4 went unacknowledged.

On Aug. 26, 13 American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. There was no acknowledgment or event to honor these heroes by our local elected officials. Labor Day (Sept. 6) went unacknowledged. Sept. 11 went unacknowledged.

I do not see any community events scheduled by our local elected officials to honor the discovery of America on Columbus Day (Oct. 11) or our veterans on Veterans Day (Nov. 11).

Instead, on Sept. 4 our local elected officials promoted Community Day, primarily attended by tourists, which included fireworks paid for by a private family. This sums up the community efforts of our local elected government officials, who have ignored, disregarded and dismissed our history and all those who contributed so much to it.

I hope the upcoming election brings in candidates who not only respect and acknowledge our history but honor those who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms to have community days.

Cindy Trimble, Cold Spring

One thought on “Letter: Disappointed

  1. Elected officials in Cold Spring also failed to acknowledge Gay Pride — even Putnam County did that — as well as the Juneteenth national holiday. And when the president of the U.S. ordered flags at half-staff to honor victims of anti-Asian American hate crimes, the village failed to lower the flag at the bandstand.

    Yet none of this is referenced by the author of this letter in which she accuses village officials of ignoring Presidents Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, the killing of 13 American soldiers in Afghanistan, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. To love America, you have to love all of America, not just those parts that allow one to make an unrequited political point in a local paper. [via Facebook]