Philipstown should secede from Putnam County and join either Dutchess, a few miles to the north (and to which we were formerly attached, before 1812), or Westchester, a few miles to the south.

More than anyone, our representative, Nancy Montgomery, finds herself battling her Republican colleagues any time the county Legislature meets and often is subjected to derision and scorn a lesser person might not put up with. Within that context lies the main driving force in getting the hell out of Putnam County, if possible.

The differences in east and west in Putnam County are no secret, nor are the differences seen as minor. I would like to propose that an unofficial survey be printed in The Current to gauge public interest in such an extraordinary move. This is all in its infancy, but my thinking is that a good place to start would be bringing the thought out in the open, to the general public. I have no idea what logistics would be required, but if enough residents are supportive or even interested in such a move all of this will work itself out.

Gregory Bochow, Cold Spring

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5 replies on “Letter: Secession for Philipstown?”

  1. So because we disagree we should “take our toys and go home”? That doesn’t seem very neighborly. I am proud of the work Nancy has done to raise her and, as our representative, our collective voices in the county Legislature. It is only by debate and discussion that we can change minds and have ours changed in return. Together we are a “purple” county and we need more of that.

  2. The rich “blue” side of the county wants to separate from the middle/low income “red” side of the county? The whole thing sounds kind of classist. [via Facebook]

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