Remembering Gordon Stewart

Editor’s Note: Gordon Stewart, who founded Philipstown.Info in 2010, the beginning of what is now The Highlands Current, died seven years ago today, on Nov. 26, 2014. We thought we would share the “founder’s greeting” he wrote on July 4, 2010:

Hi and welcome to, whose simple purpose is to live up to our name. We hope you’ll find what you want to know about things great and small in our wonderful town, whenever you need to know. Our hamlets and surrounds have so many breaking stories, ongoing issues, school events and concerns, things to do, places to go, stuff to find, pleasures to eat, people to see and hear — we almost feel like escaping to NYC for the quiet! Though why, when we inhabit one of the world’s most breath-giving peaceable kingdoms?

But simple does not equal easy. Information may want to be free, but only people can free it. Our editor/writers welcome learning from you. They are listed under Contact, so please do. And if you’d like to contribute, we’re open. If there’s something Philipstown and beyond needs to know, let everyone in on it.

One thing we will not impose are political views. No editorials. The only opinion pieces in will be yours. As to our news policy, we believe it has never been stated better than this: without fear or favor.

We’re told every day that we all live in the information age, as though it were the secret destination of the Yellow Submarine all along. Maybe, maybe not. It’s just good to have you with all our friends aboard

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