Around Town (Photos)

Red hat lunch

RED HAT LUNCH — On Nov. 10, the Red Hat Ladies Club cooked lunch for veterans at the Memorial Building in Beacon. Alex Burka, a veteran, joined club members for a photo. The meal was followed by a performance by students from the Ballet Arts Studio.  (Photo provided)

Fire truck dedication

SHINY AND BRIGHT — The City of Beacon dedicated a new fire truck on Nov. 23 with remarks by Mayor Lee Kyriacou and members of the City Council, Chief Gary Van Voorhis and Jonathan Jacobson, whose state Assembly district includes Beacon.               (Photo provided)

Wreath hanging

EARLY START — The holiday wreaths went up on Main Street in Cold Spring and Beacon on Nov. 22. In Cold Spring, a crew from the Putnam County Department of Highways and Facilities handled the job, with Nick Centrillo doing the honors.         (Photo by Michael Turton)

Visit to Hudson Beach Glass

FIELD TRIP —  Elena Kwoka took her English as a New Language students at Rombout Middle School in Beacon on a visit last month to Hudson Beach Glass. Assistant Principal Cathryn Biordi shared this photo online, writing that “we are so proud of their progress and accomplishments so far this school year.” (Photo provided)

Garden Cafe

CAFE CLOSES — The Garden Cafe, a fixture at the corner of Main and Garden streets in Cold Spring, closed its doors on Nov. 30. “I’ve been here almost every day for the past six years,” said owner Jim Lin. “I’m going to take a little break, see what’s going on, then start the next chapter of my life.” (Photo by Michael Turton)

2 thoughts on “Around Town (Photos)

  1. They are Christmas wreaths, not holiday wreaths. Stop making everything politically correct.

    • Wreaths are non-denominational and not subject to revisionist religious or biased anti-PC “opinions.” The fact is that much of “Christmas” is either consumerist or taken from Pagan predecessors to the “holiday/s.” Is the classic TV Yule Log now the Christ Log?