On my way to the Cold Spring train station on Dec. 12, I came across a group of shadowy protestors on the corner of Kemble and Main. As I drew closer, I saw that they were holding signs defaming Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

What was their problem with Maloney? I was disappointed to find that none of the protestors would engage in any kind of dialogue. Instead, they repeatedly instructed me to “check the website,” maloneyhatescops.com.

Here you will find, unsurprisingly, a series of paranoid Fox News headlines accompanied by images of Maloney glowing red (you turn red if you don’t back the blue, I gather). The website is funded by Schmitt for Congress — Maloney’s congressional rival. I’d venture to guess what I thought were protestors were actually paid Schmitt staff. That would explain why their curt responses seemed coached.

I respect your right to plead the Fifth, and of course I respect your right to demonstrate, but I do not respect your unwillingness to dialogue with community members — too risky, I suppose.

Malachy Labrie-Cleary, Cold Spring

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