Dutchess Conducting Speed Tests

Hopes to identify gaps in internet service

Dutchess County is conducting a survey as the first step in a plan to expand access to high-speed internet.

Because Dutchess is served by multiple providers, the county said it has been difficult to identify gaps in service. The survey at dutchessny.gov/highspeedinternet asks residents to complete a speed test of their connected device.

Those with limited or no internet access can complete a paper survey available by calling 845-486-2080, which is important “to give us an accurate and comprehensive map,” explained County Executive Marc Molinaro. The survey results will be used to create a strategic plan next year; the county plans to spend $1 million of its American Rescue Plan Act funds to broaden digital access.

One thought on “Dutchess Conducting Speed Tests

  1. Whatever happened to the City of Beacon internet investigation that was budgeted (I believe $35,000) in last year’s city budget? Never heard a word. Most of us in Beacon have only one choice, Optimum, good, bad or horrible, but expensive. We need either the city, county or state to stop wasting money on surveys and build a better internet locally. We need a survey go on Facebook and read the complaining every month about Optimum. It’s been going on for years.