Pantry wedding

PANTRY VOWS — Lea Aftimos and Bruce Wilson (right) of Brooklyn were married at the Beacon Pantry on Dec. 18 — two-and-a-half years after they ate there during their first “out-of-the-city” date to visit Dia:Beacon. “Never has a more touching and joyful event taken place at the Beacon Pantry,” owner Stacey Penlon posted to Instagram; as a gift, she presented the couple with one of her signature butter flights. A friend (left) was ordained for the occasion. (Photo provided)

Santa at Boscobel

SEEING SANTA — Kris Kringle paid three visits to Boscobel in Garrison in December to accept and read letters from good children, including on Dec. 18, although the rain kept many families away. (Photo by Ross Corsair)


GIFTS FOR VETS — Mike DeRosa, Tim Pagones, Gary Simmonds, Mark Thomas and Bob Simmonds of the Dutchess County chapter of the International Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club visited Castle Point VA on Dec. 14 to present Dorothy Trimmer, the women’s veteran program manager for the VA Hudson Valley Health Care System, with 32 department store gift cards to distribute. Members of the Lewis Tompkins Hose Co. assisted. (Photo provided)

Big tip

HOLIDAY SURPRISE — Inspired by a post on Facebook, Jennifer Harriton-Wilson organized a meal at which everyone in the party contributed $100 to the bill, with whatever was left over going as a tip to the server — in this case, Nicole Jones at Hudson Hil’s in Cold Spring, who shared the bonus of about $700 with co-workers. (Photo provided)

WINNING LIGHTS — An elf from the North Pole emailed The Current on Dec. 19 to announce the winners of the first Nelsonville Christmas Display Awards. “The competition was a secret and no one knew they would be rewarded for spreading Christmas cheer,” the elf wrote. “Nutcracker statues were discreetly left for the winners to find.” (Photos provided)

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An earlier version of this post said that a group of Philipstown educators had tipped a server $700. In fact, according to an organizer, about half the group was educators and not all were from Philipstown. Each person contributed $100 toward the bill and whatever was left was a tip, which amounted to about $700.

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