Law Would Allow Liquor License for Cafe

Beacon Falls too close to house of worship

State Sen. Sue Serino and Assembly Member Jonathan Jacobson have introduced legislation that would exempt the Beacon Falls Cafe from a state ban on granting liquor licenses to establishments that are within 200 feet of a place of worship. 

The cafe is across Main Street from the Tabernacle of Christ Church. Beacon Falls owner Bob Nevelus said his application to the State Liquor Authority three years ago was rejected because of the law. 

Both Serino and Jacobson’s districts include Beacon. The proposed exemption would be limited to Beacon Falls Cafe and only allow the restaurant to apply for a license for on-site consumption, not carryout. 

3 thoughts on “Law Would Allow Liquor License for Cafe

  1. The earmark of bad legislation is a law that applies to one specific person, business or entity. Rewrite the original law so that it works better and doesn’t require another law to exempt someone. [via Facebook]

  2. Selling liquor near a church doesn’t bother me. I am sure most people have alcohol in their homes, so who is this restriction protecting? I would probably be for some zoning restrictions, however: I don’t think I’d like to see a strip club across the street from a day care, although some might find that convenient. [via Facebook]

  3. The owner knew the church was there when he opened the cafe. If a law is in place but a “one-and-only” exemption can be given, what’s the point in having the law? [via Facebook]