To: Beth  /  From: Brian
You make the best soup and
I love you!

To: RCB  /  From: ABA
RB: Here’s to you, to us and the next decade PLUS PLUS together!
Your hot tub mate. XOXO

To: Laurel and Paige Duball  / From: Grandma Deb and Grandpa Rich
We love you, happy valentines day.

To: Aaron  /  From: Brian
Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Nine
years ago today you popped the question, and we’ve built such an amazing life together. I love you and our little one more than anything else in the world. Every day, whether it’s good times or tough times, I’m reminded that I’m the luckiest person because I get to spend my time on earth with you. I’m forever yours and only yours.

To: Meaty Meatball  / From: Sweety Sweetball
Baby I want you forever. I just wanna jump in a hot seafood stew with you and braise together and embrace the vegetables with you and tickle your toes. Love, your Swampy. PS I want to give you a house.

To: Guacamole  /  From: Gravy
We go so well together that it’s a shame when we’re apart. You always make time for me, even when you have a lot on your plate. I feel so lucky to be seated next to you, can’t wait for the next course.

To: Teddy  /  From: Mom & Dad
Dear Teddy, Happy first Valentines Day to our little guy! We love you the most. Love you for always.

To: Colin  /  From: Kayt
Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband — mower of lawns, lassoer of moons & so much more. Cheers to the first year in our new home. I love you my forever valentine!

To: Layla and Tony  /  From: Sarah
A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

To: Jeffrey  /  From: Emily
You were pretty confident to set our First Date on Valentine’s Day. 11 years, 3 continents, 2 rescue pups and a home later; it seems to have panned out pretty well. Looking forward to more adventures and XOXO’s.

To: Benjamin & Anthony  /  From: GMA
Happy 1st Valentine’s Day to Gma’s boys!

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