Letter: Veterans Redesign

You may have noticed some changes to the Memorial Building on Main Street in Beacon. The veterans’ organizations of the building have more plans in store. The building committee, comprised of leadership of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and the Marine Corps League, have embraced Mayor Lee Kyriacou’s beautification of Main Street initiative.

Our first foray was artistic. Art, particularly public art, often engenders strong reactions; indeed, that’s one of its purposes. Our first entrée into public art, the eagle, has received universal praise, and we are gratified.


The newly installed eagle sculpture outside Memorial Hall in Beacon.

You may have noticed that the decaying coats of arms of the military services, formerly on the building’s pediment, have been replaced with simple, elegant letters identifying the building by name.

In the coming months, in collaboration with the city, we hope to develop a more elevated landscape leading the way to a more elegant and inviting Main Street corridor. We are also looking to upgrade the universal accessibility of the front portico of the building.

Less visible is the professional kitchen, and the restroom upgrades that we installed during the pandemic. We are now Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. Hopefully, we will introduce these to the residents of Beacon at our inaugural comedy night on April 2. Look for the announcement of what will surely be an exciting and fun evening.

John MacEnroe, Beacon

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