Philipstown, HVSF in Funding Bill

Earmarks would pay for highway garage

A bill that includes funding for a Philipstown highway garage passed the U.S. House on Wednesday (March 9) and is expected to be approved in the Senate. 

The bill includes $19.5 million in earmarks from Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat whose district includes the Highlands. Among the 10 projects he championed were $1.79 million to construct a garage for the Philipstown Highway Department (the former garage has already been demolished) and $3.5 million for the “ecological restoration” of nearly 40 acres at the former Garrison golf course by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. 

One thought on “Philipstown, HVSF in Funding Bill

  1. Who else thinks the $3.5 million allocated to the Garrison golf course cleanup stinks? Why are taxpayers paying for a conversion from a golf course where pesticides and who knows what other chemicals were sprayed for years, to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival?

    I wrote Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney about creating a way to stop wrong-way drivers from entering parkways and killing in-nocent people, but not a dime for that, and I never got a response. This seems like rich guys taking care of other rich guys and we, the taxpayers, pay the bill. Don’t even get me started on property taxes.