Rain or Shine or Snow

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Green took place in Beacon on Saturday (March 12) amid a snowstorm. It was the first parade in the city in more than two years because of the pandemic shutdown, but the persistence of organizers — “rain or snow or shine” — did not sit well with everyone.

“Apparently Parade of Green doesn’t care there is a major snowstorm, endangering people,” said one resident on social media. “I saw the Glenham firetrucks drive past for the parade and my little guy is so bummed we can’t safely get there,” said a second commenter. “Did the parade really happen?” asked another. But a fourth resident concluded that “it was a great, fun day!”

Photos by Valerie Shively

3 thoughts on “Rain or Shine or Snow

  1. Great for Beacon for having the parade rain or snow or shine. I wish I had a mini-violin emoji for the complainers.