Landlords Sue Over ‘Good-Cause’ Law

Joins Albany case in asking for repeal

A group of landlords last month sued the City of Newburgh and its City Council for enacting a “good-cause” eviction law in October. 

The landlords asked an Orange County judge to nullify the law because, they allege, it is pre-empted by state laws that protect tenants’ rights. 

The Beacon City Council adopted a good-cause measure on March 7 against the advice of its counsel, which had said the law is an overreach of municipal authority. 

The Newburgh landlords also contend that the law there illegally limits the rents they can charge and essentially amounts to a “taking” of private property without just compensation, which the U.S. Constitution forbids.

The landlords are represented by a Troy-based law firm that also represents a group of Albany landlords that last year sued over that city’s good-cause law. 

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