No Challenges at Haldane, Garrison

Two candidates for two seats in each school district

There will be no challenges on the ballot for the Haldane and Garrison school board elections on May 17.

At Haldane, Ezra Clementson and Sean McNall are the only candidates who submitted nominating petitions by the Monday (April 18) deadline for two open seats on the five-member board; Clementson is seeking his first, 3-year term and McNall is seeking his second. Jen Daly did not seek a fourth term. 

At Garrison, Kent Schacht and Sarah Tormey are the only candidates who submitted petitions by April 18 for the seats they hold on the seven-member board; Schacht is seeking his first 3-year term (he was elected to last year to complete the final year of the term of a member who had resigned) and Tormey her second.

Nominating petitions for four open seats on the Beacon school board are due by Wednesday (April 27). To receive a candidate packet, contact Kelly Pologe at 845-838-6900, ext. 2032, or by email at [email protected].

One thought on “No Challenges at Haldane, Garrison

  1. As a community member, parent, educator and Haldane school board trustee, I am thrilled that Sean McNall and Ezra Clementson are candidates for the Board of Education. My service on the board for the past nine years has taught me many things, one of which is just how challenging, yet incredibly crucial, effective school governance is.

    Board members must be able to see what is in front of them, as well as what is 10 years down the road; call on their person-al experience without letting it shift their perspective from working for all students; make tax dollars and providing an excellent education equal priorities; and have strong, informed opinions while working as a collective.

    It is a complicated position, one that requires creativity, empathy, patience, diligence and leadership. I know that both Sean and Ezra embody these important qualities and I am grateful that they have raised their hands to contribute to our schools. Please join me in enthusiastically voting for them on May 17.

    Daly has been a trustee since 2013. She is not running for re-election.