On The Spot

Have you Googled your name to see how many of you there are?

Emmanuella Donaline Gallawa
I did. And there is no one else with my name in the world!
~Emmanuella Donaline Gallawa, Beacon

David Levy
No, I’ve never done that. No desire to.
~David Levy, Garrison

Natalia Mazzuchelli
Yes, many times. I’ve found seven or eight people.
~Natalia Mazzuchelli, Cold Spring

One thought on “On The Spot

  1. So this thought of course puts a little “hmmm” in the brain. I think…. I am me, there will or could not be another me. So sure I did Google. Much to my surprise, there was not a big list of “me,” but there is a book that was written about two love affairs from the Marion Fay of 1882. (It did get good ratings, just might have to read what I missed out on.)