Haldane Students Get Literary

Haldane published a new edition of its annual literary magazine, Insight, last month. The 93-page publication showcases poems, short stories and art created by students. A few selections follow. More can be found at bit.ly/haldane-mag

Robbie Baker

Open Up

To the birds outside my room:
Sing louder, stop mumbling
Put your beaks against my door and shout Scratch at the door knob
Chant through the cracks
Beat a rhythm into the walls,
And make your wings more wood then muscle Wings that rattle, heavy with splinters
Speak up, I can’t hear you
Your words are draped in gauze
What is there to bandage?
To which the birds reply:
Why won’t you open the door?

By Keira Shanahan

by Scotia Hartford


We only asked for each other
Our feelings reciprocated— we tried to smother All I knew is, it had to do with your mother While you had remained in denial
I held little faith in the chance of a mistrial
I wish to forget my one that got away
Though fond memories in spite betray
It isn’t our fault ignorance is taught
All the same, it’s a shame we got caught
My senses not forgot the sweet scent of apricot

By Walker Tinsley

Scotia Hartford

The clouds like boats sailed across the sky With size unseen they marched forward An eternal march around the world
Until that day that all man dreads
When the sun so red and brilliant
Turned to a hue of hellish pink
And as mankind gazes forth
And all look to the sky with terror in there eye The clouds stop moving
And disappear
And thus a horror grasps all
And fear strikes fast upon the hearts
The final thoughts of people
Like the first thought of all when born Was fear an unknown, and all faded away

By Ezra Beato

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