Most people feel discrimination, racism exists

Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed between March and May felt that bias, discrimination and racism were “very or somewhat” present in Philipstown, according to results released on June 30. 

The Butterfield and Desmond-Fish libraries, the Garrison school district and the Haldane PTA’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee organized the survey, which drew 443 responses from people who live and/or work in Philipstown. 

Another 57 percent of the respondents said they had witnessed bias, discriminatory or racist acts, attitudes and words in Philipstown and nearly one in five said they had been the target of such treatment. At the same time, three in five people surveyed said they felt a sense of inclusion in Philipstown and nearly 80 percent expressed an interest in better understanding the issues. 

The full survey results can be viewed at

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