Director Resigns at Philipstown Rec

Will take new position with Boscobel

Amber Stickle


After 19 years as head of the Philipstown Department of Recreation and Parks, Amber Stickle will leave on July 31 to become director of audience engagement and programs at the Boscobel, a few miles north of the Recreation Center on Route 9D.

Stickle announced her resignation in a July 7 letter to Supervisor John Van Tassel. He said that Cecily Hall, the department’s recreation leader, would take over on an interim basis while the town posted the job.

In her letter, Stickle recalled that when she started, the department was housed in Town Hall but moved almost immediately to the Claudio Marzollo Community Center in Garrison, otherwise known as the Rec Center. Soon after, she wrote, the department launched its popular summer camp program.

Van Tassel noted that when Hurricane Irene devastated Philipstown in 2011, town officials opened the Rec Center as a shelter. Although Stickle then lived in Wappinger, and roads were closed, “she was there before the ambulances brought people to the shelter to get them out of the flooded area,” he said.

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