Letter: Good Cookin’

Blueberry Bars with Lime-Cornflour Shortbread Crust

Blueberry Bars with Lime-Cornflour Shortbread Crust

I know there’s a lot going on, but the dog days of summer, with their relaxed weekends and get-togethers, seem a good time to appreciate the always-welcome recipes from your columnists Celia Barbour and Joe Dizney.

With every issue, I look forward to what’s cooking, and I’m never disappointed. The recipes are doable, healthful, often surprising and take good advantage of what’s local and in season. Gonna try Celia’s Blueberry Bars (July 8) next, and Joe’s “small soft cake of summer fruits” (Aug. 21, 2020) is in constant rotation when it’s my turn to bring dessert. (You might see a theme here, but the many veggie dishes are delicious, too.)

Simple, home-cooked food that we make and share is a tradition as old as time that nurtures the body and soul, our families, friends and ourselves. I’ve been meaning to send this note for some time but the blueberry bars were the tipping point.

Deirdre Mullane, Cold Spring

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