The other day, as I drove toward the intersection of Rock Street and Kemble Avenue, I saw a man was walking on Rock Street. There is no sidewalk there; cars park on the north side of the street and recently a stone wall was built abutting the south side of the street. There is nowhere to walk but in the street; this dangerous situation has been made worse with the new wall.

Rock St Wall
The Rock Street wall (Photo by Michael Turton)

Fortunately, I am aware of the potential danger of smashing a person between the parked cars on the left or the stone wall on the right, so I waited for the man to walk. He was appreciative!

My concern is that someone not familiar with this dangerous intersection will have a terrible accident. Many people walk along Rock Street — children going to the school, visitors to the Foundry Park, residents of Constitution Drive, the Boulevard and Forge Gate; and all of us who live on Rock Street and Kemble Avenue.

Please remove this dangerous stone wall before someone is squished or someone is walking their dog and the dog is squished.

Jane Silver Timm, Cold Spring

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  1. Timm’s letter made me wonder how this happened. It seems it happened with the village’s knowledge, permission and assistance.

    The building permit attached to the telephone pole near the wall is proof of permission. It was issued Sept. 8 and is good for two years.

    On June 11, the village sold the property on which the wall now sits for $10 and other “good and valuable consideration.” The quitclaim deed was signed by Mayor Kathleen Foley.

    So, exactly who got what here? We can see the buyer got the land they needed to build the wall. We assume the village received $10. We know everyone who lives, bikes, skateboards, walks or drives on Rock Street now has a more dangerous street. What we don’t know is the who got “good and valuable consideration” that makes this a good deal for the village; and what was it?

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