Around Town (Photos)

Storm King

STORM KING — It was a beautiful day on Saturday (Oct. 8) for a visit to the Storm King Art Center in New Windsor. Works by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu will be on display on its grounds through Nov. 7. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

New sidewalk

NEW SIDEWALK — This week Beacon Mayor Lee Kyriacou inspected the 900 feet of newly poured sidewalk along South Avenue between Wolcott Avenue and West Center Street. Funded by Dutchess County, the project included new curbs, corner ramps, crosswalk striping and two trees. (Photo provided)


JAZZ ON THE RIVER — Rob Scheps brought his Core-tet (including Jim O’Connor, shown here) to Cold Spring on Oct. 6 for a performance at the Chapel Restoration. Scheps, a former Philipstown resident, has led bands in New York City, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City and Honolulu. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

Dylan Rucker

NOT A BACKPACK — As part of Spirit Week at Haldane High School, students were asked on Oct. 6 to bring “anything but a backpack” to school, with the caveats that the items could not be alive or larger than 4 cubic feet. Junior Dylan Rucker arrived in style. (Photo provided)

cat with crossword

CAUGHT WITH THE CURRENT — Jordan Meinholz shared this shot of her cat, Potato, looking for some crossword help.

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