Citizens of Philipstown, it is my pleasure to introduce Adam Hotaling, our highway superintendent. He was appointed in early 2022, when the previous superintendent resigned because of health issues. Before his appointment, Adam was the deputy highway superintendent.

Adam has been with the Highway Department since graduating from high school and has 25 years of experience. The knowledge learned as a driver, operator, mechanic and deputy superintendent has given him the ability to manage the roads and his crew with attention to all aspects and details.

For those of you who don’t know Adam, he is a lifelong resident of Philipstown who has raised his four children here with his wife, Lora. Adam and his family have been in the construction field for a very long time. His grandfather was the late Harold “Pop” Lyons. Adam is an easygoing person and gets along with everyone.

Adam will be running for highway superintendent in the Nov. 8 election. I am encouraging everyone to cast your vote for Adam. He is doing a great job and I know he’ll continue to do so.

Bob Flaherty, Philipstown

Flaherty is a member of the Philipstown Town Board. Hotaling is running unopposed.

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