With all that’s being said about the growing number of visitors and the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail, it surprises me that there doesn’t seem to be any plan to modernize Cold Spring’s crosswalks.

Anything at this point would be an improvement. Between morning commuters bombing down Main Street to catch their trains and the influx of visitors through the weekend, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to cross the street. In the month of September alone we’ve nearly been hit a handful of times walking our son to school. Throughout the rest of the day, we find ourselves waiting to cross while cars rush in and out of the village. The sight of two parents holding their child’s hands, while waiting to cross, isn’t enough for them to stop. I should mention that there are a number of parents who are experiencing the same thing.

There are a number of issues regarding traffic and parking that the village seems slow to resolve. Cars continue to come to a rolling stop at the stop sign on Fair Street, while buses and 18-wheelers are still getting stuck on Depot Square. But the safety of our children should be an immediate priority. Even one raised crosswalk at Kemble and Garden, with in-pavement lights, would give the village at least one safe (safer) place to cross the street.

I welcome the growth of Cold Spring, but the village infrastructure seems underprepared for it.

Patrick Biesemans, Cold Spring

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