Pete Geanopulos owns this beauty, which sits in front of his business, Fishkill Auto Body, on Route 52 just east of Beacon.

In February 2020, Geanopulos was looking for a sign for the front of his shop, which uses a Ford Model T as its logo. When a friend told him about a Model A at an estate sale in Mahopac for $10,000, Geanopulos realized it would attract more attention than a sign.

“Everything on the car is original, except the tires, which are from a 1932 Ford,” he said. “They’re larger, but I like the more gangster look.”

The Specs

Model: 1930 Ford Model A (nine models)

Manufactured: Dearborn, Michigan

Number sold (1927-30): 3 million

Engine: Inline four cylinder, 201 cubic inches

Horse Power: 40

Transmission: 3-speed manual on the floor

Gas mileage: 25-30 mpg

Top speed: 65 mph

Original price: $645 (varied by model)

Source: Henry Ford Museum (

The car has been repainted in the same green as the original. (It was available in two colors in 1930, green or black.) The interior is rather plush, with wood trim, glass flower vases and mohair seats. Like 80 percent of cars on the road then, it lacks a radio.

“It’s fun to drive; it has a feel similar to many modern SUVs because you sit up high,” Geanopulos said.

The sedan is roadworthy but needs a new head gasket. “I’m like the shoemaker who can’t fix his own shoes!” the mechanic said.

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