Around Town (Photos)

SPOTS AVAILABLE — On Sunday (Jan. 1), newly elected Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne removed the reserved parking signs at the county office building in Carmel for the county executive, deputy county executive and chair of the Legislature. “On Day 1, the first thing we did: went outside the county office building and took out the VIP parking spaces,” the former state legislator wrote online. “This is the people’s building. We’re here to serve you.” (Facebook)

FIRST-DAY HIKE — The Little Stony Point Citizen’s Association organized its annual hike on Jan. 1, with coffee, hot cocoa, cookies and churros from Juanita’s Kitchen in Nelsonville. Participants were offered a choice of a naturalist hike to Little Stony Point or a historical hike to the Cornish Estate. Raffle prizes included free Empire State annual passes. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

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