Dana Levenberg
Dana Levenberg

I want to thank the voters of the 95th Assembly district [which includes Philipstown] for trusting me to represent us in Albany. Whether or not you voted for me, I am here to listen to your concerns and advocate for all of us.

For the first few months, my district office will be located at 2 Church St. in Ossining, the same office occupied by now-retired Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude, for 30 years of exemplary service). A move is on the horizon as the owner of the building looks to reclaim the space, and we will update the community when that happens.

I hope to retain the office phone number (914-941-1111) wherever we go because it is so easy to remember, and invite you to call whenever my staff or I can be of assistance. The phone number for my Albany office will be 518-455-5348. You can email me at [email protected], and the handle for my government Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages is @AMDanaLevenberg.

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Dana Levenberg, Albany

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